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Get your Free 5-Minute Belly Dance/Mindful Movement Series.

This video series includes 2 awesome movement practices that can be completed in under 5 minutes each. Fit these practices in anytime, anywhere for a quick, fun movement tune up! Learn More

Soul Love Dance teaches belly dance as a fun mindfulness and movement practice that can be done anytime and anywhere.

  • You know how important movement is to living a healthy, happy, long life and you’ve heard about all the benefits of meditation. Why not get the benefits of both at the same time?
  • You can do it in as little as 5 minutes at a time or customize a longer practice that works with your schedule.
  • Perfect for online entrepreneurs, busy moms, and anyone who wants a quick and fun movement tune up anytime they feel like it.
  • Belly Dance is a beautiful feminine dance form that really focuses on moving from the core with intention. It wakes up muscles and creates muscle memory and body awareness in parts of the body that are rarely used consciously. It involves moving your spine and pelvis in all directions which is an amazing way to create and maintain spinal health and core strength. Having a healthy spine and core strength is essential for healthy living on many levels including reducing back pain and improving nerve supply to all other parts of the body. Belly dance is also really fun, grounding and uplifting. Moving your spine and pelvis in the way you do while belly dancing is a wonderful way to move energy throughout the body, reduce anxiety increase happiness and also helps with weight loss. Last but not least, dancing is done to music and listening and moving to music has a number of health benefits including increased coordination and balance, better brain function, improved memory, more endurance and better overall health.
Fit these practices in anytime, anywhere for a quick, fun movement tune up! Integrating quick movement breaks throughout your day has countless benefits. Here are just a few:
  • A fantastic way to break up long periods of sitting (sitting for extended time periods is one of the unhealthiest things you can do, regular movement breaks are the best way to reverse the damage that can be caused by excessive sitting)
  • Be done with your workout by the time you’re done with your work for the day by incorporating multiple short sessions spread out versus one longer session. (Research has shown that breaking exercise into multiple shorter sessions is just as beneficial as one longer session if not more!)
  • Help manage stress and overwhelm, increase focus and elevate mood. Improve self discipline, motivation and learning retention.
  • Getting moving can increase creativity and problem solving skills during your workday which makes your more productive. Increased productivity means you get more work done in less time which can result in making more money and having more free time. Who doesn’t want that?
  • It’s much easier to form a habit and commit to 5-10 minutes of exercise at a time than to longer workouts. The best exercise is the exercise you actually do. And if you enjoy it and look forward to it, that’s extra awesome.
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"Vanessa’s done a great job of breaking down these movements into small, easy and fun videos. I love focusing on one movement at a time without having to commit to an entire dance class or sequence. I also loved the short sequences in the mindful movement section. After less than 10 minutes of doing the "slow warm-up" I felt energized, yet calm and more grounded in my body. Vanessa’s created a great variety of practices here and I'm so excited for even more to come"

Cherstin Polson
Wellness Coach, Teacher and Musician

""I love the ease that Soul Love Dance has brought to adding movement to my day. Before I was stationary most of the day, stuck to my computer, and totally forgetting to make time to just move. Now, I find myself incorporating the practice of moves into my workday. At first, I was really awkward (and probably still am), but I like that I can do it wherever works best for me and right now, that's inside my house. Plus, Vanessa's instruction makes the learning process feel fun and safe - like she's there to support you in the videos, even though she's not there in-person. I know I'm getting better and the moves are much more fluid. My favorite part, the Mindful Movement section! My husband likes to joke that I have no 'off' switch, so I find this part to help me turn down when it's needed. SLD was really outside of my comfort zone, but I'm so glad I'm doing it!""

Lindsay Gomez
Business Operations Consultant

"While I am an experienced belly dancer, I haven't danced at all for the last few years. Graduate School and my growing family seemed like a good reason to take a very extended break. The first thing I tried was the choreography section. Mind you I am 6 months pregnant. The instruction was very safe as far as posture goes which is really important to me as a healthcare provider. The instruction was also very thorough and I was able to learn the choreography very easily. I think this would be just as easy for someone who has never danced. I also really like the 5 minute movement breaks. I am looking forward to picking up dancing on a regular basis with these great videos as soon as I can after baby number 2. Thanks to Vanessa for making the dance so accessible."

Tara Schachter Diaz
Job TitleLicensed Acupuncturist and Belly Dance Enthusiast

Get your Free 5-Minute Belly Dance/Mindful Movement Series.

This video series includes 2 awesome movement practices that can be completed in under 5 minutes each. Fit these practices in anytime, anywhere for a quick, fun movement tune up! Learn More



To get your regular mindful movement dance breaks and be a part of an awesome, budding community, join Soul Love Dance Today.

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